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Why Gibax?



Gibax Company is a part of Vodopad group of companies established in 1999. Since that time the company specializes in sales, developments, inventions and manufacture of pipeline systems, plumbing fixtures and other plumbing components. At this development stage, the company has: 34 patents, 7 patented modules of quick installation of plumbing equipment and 800 items (SKU) of Gibax standard products.

Mission and strategy

  • Creation of new products

    Our professional idea is creation and popularization of innovative engineering un-rated technical solutions and plumbing gadgets.

  • User safety and comfort

    We are driven by the desire to safe the users and make the operation of engineering systems and facilities: comfort, automated, useable, convenient, payable and safe.

  • Favorable price premium quality

    During studies, inventions, development and manufacture of products, we always use the most advanced technologies, the best raw materials and components. At the same time, we aim for maximum automated processes, thus optimizing the operating costs, so at the end of this process we obtain favorable price top-quality products.

  • Usefulness of products for all partners and clients

    Starting from the needs analysis stage, going to the implementation – from an idea to the finished product, we keep our main stream of consciousness for all categories of clients and partners, being overly familiar with needs of all of them. As a result, our products are maximum useful and payable for plumbers, contractors, project bureaus, distributors, construction DIY hypermarkets, developers, service companies and end users.

  • New professional practices

    We make the use of innovative plumbing solutions as the commonplace, showing their benefits and all advantages to users, distributors and professional clients. Every day we exert all efforts so that in the future our professional clients, on their own initiative, recommend Gibax plumbing solutions to their consumers and include them in projects.

  • Search and creation of new approaches

    We are in constant search for new engineering approaches and if we cannot find them, we create them. Making them popular, increasing Gibax applications all over the world.

  • Simplification and reduction of efforts

    All of our finished products and new concepts are aimed at simplification and facilitation of human efforts on contact with them. Affiliate and change the world sanitary-engineering sector together with Gibax.



Gibax production is based on the modern Austrian automatic molding machines of the ENGEL company on the territory of Estonia. The ENGEL company was founded in 1945, it is the recognized world leader, specializing in the manufacture of molding forming machines, their robot automation and minimization of human participation in manufacturing processes.

Using ENGEL robotic molding machines, we produce:

  • Axial choke fitting made of PPSU (polyphenylsulphone)
  • Thimbles made of PVDF (polyvinylidenfluoride)
  • Expansion rings made of PE (cross-linked polyethylene)
  • Threaded fittings and inserts for combined fittings are made of brass (with low lead content, no more than 1.6%).