BIM library

G-Stretch&Slide – convenient design

  1. The variety of fittings complies with all needs when designing the objects from 12 to 63 mm.
  2. G-Stretch&Slide, as compared with press-fittings, have the increased diameter of nozzles, as a result the system has reduced hydraulic resistance.
  3. Thanks to G-Stretch&Slide nozzle of multiple-purpose “1 nozzle for 2 systems”, when participating in the tender, it is possible to replace only expansion rings or thimbles, that is, no more than 7 items and submit to the tender two specifications with different systems without the design modification.
  4. The high-grade stock and production technologies with the system lifetime more than 50 years and 10-year guarantee disclaim your responsibility to Customer.


Download BIM library for designing by following the link