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G-Stretch&Slide – 1 nozzle for 2 systems!

G-Stretch&Slide presents the new type of axial fittings with nozzles of multiple purpose and special stops for assembly tools. This ensures that our fittings are applied with two types of completely different, top ranking pipeline systems.


136 releases (SKU) from 12 to 63 mm!

G-Stretch&Slide, consists of 136 releases (SKU) from 12 to 63 mm. As in all similar systems, there is a large variety of angle bends, tee bends, water sockets, connectors and headers.

They are made of modern PPSU, PE, PVDF polymers and low lead brass!

G-Stretch&Slide fittings
Choke-fittings made of PPSU (poly-phenyl-sulphone) have a high density 1.29 g / cubic cm, operating temperature from — 50°C to + 180°C. Complete range from 16 to 63 mm.

G-Slide thimbles
Thimbles made of PVDF (polyvinylidenfluoride) have increased elasticity, thermal resistance from — 40°C to + 140°C and being excellent material for thimbles from 16 to 32 mm.

G-Stretch expansion rings
Expansion rings made of PE (cross-linked polyethylene) have phenomenal property to restore its original form after expansion, cross-linked PE is perfect for production of expansion rings from 16 to 63 mm.

G-Stretch&Slide threaded fittings and inserts
Threaded fittings and inserts are made of new brazen alloy of the highest quality CW617N with low lead content of no more than 1.6%, practically don`t react with water and comply with the highest requirements.

G-Stretch&Slide pipes made of cross-linked polyethylenes
PE-Xa, PE-Xc pipes made of cross-linked polyethylenes. With aluminum layer / without aluminum layer / with oxigen protective layer EVOH: from 12 to 63 mm.


Favorable price good-quality system!

  • Up-to-date raw materials and robot production lines without human participation allow us to manufacture the favorable price high quality products.
  • Gibax fittings are by 70% cheaper than similar axial fittings.
  • Gibax fittings are by 50% cheaper than press fittings

Demand creation

  • Working with designers
  • Object snap
  • Test drive for installers – 80% discount on the initial purchase
  • Multi-level marketing for installers
  • Responsibility for inventory storage for installers
  • Movable demonstrators of products

Distributor Marketing Support

  • Advertising materials
  • Promotional products for installers
  • Stocks for rent of assembly tools

Distributor privileges

  • Next day delivery – free of charge!
  • All sales through distributors
  • Technical support and support of complex sales
  • Maintenance of unified recommended prices, support of a high markup