Kitchen complector ®

The module of quick connection of the feed lines for mixer, potable water filter, toilet bowl, washing machine and dish-washing machine.

Despite the name – the kitchen complector® it can be used not only for installation under the kitchen sink but under the sink in the bath-room as well by quick connecting flexible feed lines for the basin mixer, the washing machine and the toilet bowl.

3D-threaded fittings

Thanks to the patented 3D-threaded fittings that come with Kitchen complector®, it is possible to connect any flexible feed lines of the mixer with 3/8″ internal thread, 1/2″ internal thread nuts and to clamp 10-mm chrome-plated tubes. At the same time it is not necessary to have skill, use seals and gaskets (flax/paste/fluoroplastic tape/fiber), the only thing you need is an adjustable wrench!

All threads are futoroch

Starting upon approval of the range of products, package design with your company style and payment of removable name plates with your brand we need about ??? working days. During this period we`ll make all removable name plates, plastic packages, labels, boxes with your company style,  manufacture the products themselves, pack them  up and they will be ready for shipping.

Three ball cocks

Three ball cocks are built into the assembly of Kitchen complector®. Two cocks of cold and hot water are built into the module top parts, they intended for the water supply cut during replacement of the kitchen mixer or the basin mixer. The ball cock for connection of the washing and dish-washing machines or the toilet bowl is built into the bottom part of the cold water module. It is needed for maintenance and replacement of this plumbing equipment.