Make profit together with GIBAX

The ticket to success is the combination of the most automated production processes and the use of high-tech PPSU and PVDF polymers.

Gibax product is remunerable for all market participants because it is the premium product of high quality at favorable prices for the whole chain of expansion, consuption and operation.


Our axial pipeline system of G-Stretch&Slide® series has the nozzle of multiple purpose applied with two types of completely different top ranking pipeline systems. As a result, DIY-hypermarkets meet the needs of two professional audiences of plumbers, at the same time DIY-Hypermarkets obtain two-fold saving the area of exhibition shelves and storage zones because one G-Stretch&Slide® series covers by its universal range two standard series of other manufacturers.

For distributors

When Distributor becomes an exclusive regional distributor, Distributor gains a competitive advantage over other distributors having in own catalogue G-Stretch&Slide® exclusive series with nozzles of multiple purpose applied with two types of completely different top ranking pipeline systems and the higher marginality as compared with similar standard axial systems of pipeline fittings. At the same time Distributors obtain two-fold saving of warehouse spaces and storage areas.

For developers

GIBAX G-Stretch&Slide® system is professional, commercial, axial pipeline system, with a large variety of rare fittings, 12-63 mm in diameter, which allows to design and work without the use of excessive adapters, using G-Stretch&Slide® rare reducing tees and other fittings. As a result, the entire system gets cheaper, at the same time the number of connections and labor costs for their assembly are reduced. Among other things, the assembly technique is very simple, does not require skill, excludes human factor, assembly errors and leakages.